Group Biking in Angkor Complex

Interesting experience exploring Angkor Complex by bicycles
Group Biking in Angkor Complex

Boat riding Me Kong Delta in Southern Vietnam

Touring the orchards, paddy fields and swamplands of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam
Boat riding Me Kong Delta in Southern Vietnam

Mount Fansipan Trekking

Trekking to Fansipan Peak - The Roof of Indochina
Mount Fansipan Trekking
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Off the beaten track in Vietnam

Cuc Phuong & Pu Mat National Park 4 days
You will have opportunities to spend the night in homestay of the ethnic minority group, enjoy the local food and discover their culture… For all these reasons, Asia King Travel have designed the eco tour combining two national parks : Cuc...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV8
Vietnam Off The Beaten Path 13 Days
Vietnam Off The Beaten Path 14 days will takes you through some of the least visited areas of Vietnam, in the Norfh , in Center Highland and in remote island of Con Dao. If you want to get away from the crowds among splendid natural scenery,...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV7
North West Hill Tribes & Halong 13 days
North West Hill Tribes & Halong 13 days will bring you the most exciting and spectacular adventure in North of Vietnam. The northwest is a captivating blend of dramatic landscapes and colorful hill tribes. Starting your trip from Hanoi, via Mai...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV6
North East Trail & Halong 11 days
With North East Trail & Halong 11 days, You will have a chance to discover the North East mountainous areas of Ha Giang offer breathtaking views and interesting subcultures. It is the least travelled area of the north and attracts hardier...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV5
Nature of the Highland 9 days
Nine days trip is the good time and enough duration to have the very exiting trip to the Highland center of Vietnam, this trip is far to the tourist area, departure from Saigon, heading north to Cat Tien national park where you can hire through the...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV4
Hill Tribe Markets 4 days
Hill Tribe Markets 4 days Combine Bac Ha Markets with the more remote Can Cau for an authentic hill tribe market experience and Sapa trekking. On Saturday, drive to Can Cau Markets, 9km north from the Chinese border. This is a central meeting point...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV3
Ha Giang Highland 7 days
Whit Highland Halong trip, start from Hanoi e is a fantastic journey off the beaten track. Encounter fascinating hill tribes, be captivated by the pristine landscapes and gain an understanding of the intense relationship between these people and...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV2
Colourful Middle North West 9 days/ 8 nights
Eight days traveling through the northern part to reach the Chinese border, you will have special ways, departure from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, up hill to Nghia Lo, which is situated along a beautiful mountain ridge separating the Red and...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: OBTV1