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The North of Vietnam is home to many colorful hill tribes. It is a great destination for trekking through the mountains.
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Farming Hoian

Farming to Fishing the very special things which is promised to bring you the most beautiful sceneries of the countryside of the Farmer and...
Farming Hoian
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Motorbiking Tours in Vietnam

Highway 4 Trail Riding 9 days
Highway 4 is a road in the NortheastVietnam, bordering the Chinese border from Hanoi to Cao Bang. It is famous for a French military disaster in 1950 in which several units of the French army, including some battalions of the Foreign Legion, were...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: MTVN5
Vietnam Riding Trail 15 days
Starting riding from the south to the north through many different beautiful areas of Vietnam, We start from Ho Chi Minh city, ride up hill to the Da Lat, a charming hill station which serves as a stepping stone to the Central Highlands, down hill...
Departure: SaigonStyle: PrivateCode: MTVN4
Ho Chi Minh Trail Riding 16 days
16 days discover Vietnam by riding from Hanoi to Saigon along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was the supply line used by North Vietnam to link north and South Vietnam during the American War. Besides incredible driving, deep in the...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: MTVN3
Northwest Motorbiking 10 days
Saddling ride over six provinces in the North West of Vietnam from Hanoi to experience winding hill roads, scenic surroundings and cultural lives would be unique memories in the mind of each adventurous motorist. The perfect itinerary and the...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: MTVN2
Mai Chau & Cuc Phuong  Motorbiking 4 days
4 days trip to Mai Chau and Cuc Phuong trip is really a short trip however you will get a lots of experiences in the areas off the beaten track, get away from the noisy city. Start your trip from Hanoi city, you will ride uphill to Hoa Binh and to...
Departure: HanoiStyle: PrivateCode: MTVN1